2018 / 2 January

Five Years Post Cancer

Five years post cancer. 2018 marks five years since I was diagnosed with cancer. I’m very happy to be reflecting on that scary but beautiful journey, today. I’ve been keeping the news section very light, as much of the growth of my business has been a refocus of my operations post-recovery, but there is a lot of very exciting developments coming in 2018.

In the meantime, every so often I like to reflect on the depths of how we experience our lives when faced with a daunting journey like cancer. End of a journey, a call to arms is a piece I wrote, reflecting on how the cancer journey reshaped my focus.

This isn’t to be feckless and grim, rather, let this be a call-action to submit to what is bigger than us. Not just of the aforementioned brutality (regrettably the beneficiary of the bulk of the real estate here) but also love, awe and beauty.  All qualities that have been instrumental in the face of my own personal battle with cancer, a bigger brutality. The relentless love of my friends; the awe of loud laughter from a child; the beauty of the green on the leaves on the branches on the trees. Or the rusted leaves on the decayed trees in autumn.

So here’s the call-to-action: let us be driven but be motivated by our family, friends and the ones we love. Let us leave legacies but looking to carve it in the hearts and minds of those we cherish. And most importantly, let us to submit to our smallness. Understanding that we’re an imperfect, flawed bunch standing in awe of the beauty and brutality that is bigger than us. The world will continue to turn, universes will continue to collide and the leaves on the trees will turn to brown.

All the best, my friends.

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