Case Studies

IBEW 2034

Offering tactical communication and issues management strategy in building public goodwill for a collective bargaining agreement for IBEW 2034. The public awareness campaign that I developed and implemented played a significant role in achieving a fair bargaining settlement that was supported by the public.


In the early private equity stage of HD-Petroleum's development and working closely with the securities team at MLT Aikins, I implemented a sophisticated communications strategy that was pivotal in securing approximately $2 million in private equity. Working with HD-Petroleum's licenced finance team, I marketed the then startup company to potential investors while vigilantly navigating the nuances of Manitoba securities legislation.

Cancer Survivor
2013 - Present

My journey with colon cancer was both the best and worst thing to happen to me. As anyone who's survived cancer knows, it's very a difficult road but one with blessings that gives an important perspective. The worldview I adopted through this experience guides every decision I make in life and in business.


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Jarret Hannah

"I've worked with Dave Shorr on comprehensive business development projects for over 15 years. Working together at FREQ 107 FM, Dave helped a jump start a growth strategy that increased sales by tapping into new business development categories, that quickly grew revenue. My Great Big Adventure ownership group engaged Dave to develop a media and content marketing strategy that activated and cultivated loyal customers that helped establish Great Big Adventure into a respected and trusted child care brand in Manitoba. Dave has tremendous instincts when it comes to sales and marketing and I consider him to be a future leader for economic development in Manitoba." - Jarret Hannah, Great Big Adventure ownership team, CEO Robb Nash Project.

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Michael Velie
Business Manager, IBEW 2034

"Dave Shorr proved to be a valuable asset during our collective bargaining. He served as a helpful sounding board and contributed useful strategic input for the development of an effective public campaign during this period. Dave’s contributions to the process played a significant role in the achievement of a fair bargaining settlement that enjoyed good public support. Dave Shorr’s diverse skill-set and technical expertise made him a helpful resource that assisted us in getting the job done."

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Ace Burpee
"2013's 100 Most Fascinating Manitobans"

"I believe most of Dave's story is yet to be written. He's been known for many a thing over his life in Winnipeg. He's always walked on the edge of outstanding in his many different roles in our lives. If you don't know him, you will and probably should. 2013 was a very different year for Dave Shorr. Diagnosed with colon cancer, he was open, clear and direct with his journey, yet never was there a sense of sadness or resignation. His future was always bright, now it's brighter. He knows who he is." - Ace Burpee's 100 Most Fascinating Manitobans for 2013